Khaled Almaeena
The Man behind the Green Truth
The Green Truth He loves corporate battles. And when he is battling for Arab News the Green Truth, as he calls it he is at his warrior best. When he came back to Arab News on March 1, 1998, for his second stint as the editor in chief of the newspaper, he had made his intentions loud and clear. You will see many changes in the newspaper in the next few years, he wrote in the front-page editorial that became the guiding light for the new millennium. There are new parameters of relevance needed, new influences on our lives to be addressed. As readership interests shift, and loyalties fluctuate even faster, we need new tools to track and respond. The print media could very well be one of the losers in the next century if it doesn respond to this challenge. It is, therefore, clear to all of us at Arab News.
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